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Tap into the wisdom of your body to gently free yourself from deep trauma, behavior patterns, and subconscious beliefs.

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I'm Natalie, your Mindbody Coach. I've personally learned to cope with life's uncertainty by turning toward my inner wisdom. Drawing on my scientific background on how the brain creates and updates reality on conscious and unconscious levels, as well as my personal experience with mindfulness and deep healing tools, I guide you on a journey of self-discovery like no other.

What is Mindbody Coaching?

Mindbody coaching involves a multi-method approach to uniting your mind and body for deeper awareness and healing.

Mindfulness Training



Dreamwork and

Inner Visions

Mindbody Coaching

What People
Are Saying

“When I moved three years ago, I started having dreams I couldn’t understand. Natalie helped me to interpret their meaning. This was very helpful to me because I was able to figure out the right path to take in my life. While talking to Natalie, it felt like she understood what was going on in my mind and in my life. She is so smart and insightful and intuitive. I just wanted to keep on talking to her over and over! And I couldn’t believe some of the questions she asked me that helped me personally to see the meaning behind my dreams.”​

Mimi B.

"Natalie is an excellent coach. She is a great listener who will prescribe a program that is intelligent yet simple to follow. I have had wonderful results following her prescription for me. At first, I was skeptical about over-the-telephone appointments but things have worked out exceptionally well! She is very pleasant to talk with."

Jim F.

"As someone who considers themselves a high performer, committed to expanding into higher levels of consciousness, I approached Natalie to help me understand why I was having negative dreams. Working with Natalie helped me to understand the relationship between my waking state and the dream state which enabled me to (almost immediately) shift the perception I had around my dreams, enabling me to more effectively utilise the meaning within my dreams. Life changing. Thanks Natalie."

Troy H.

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