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About Natalie


Natalie Bryant, PhD

Mindbody Coach

I received my PhD from the University of Arizona in 2017. My dissertation investigated how the brain forms and transforms memories while we sleep. I was fascinated with the idea that such profound change can happen unconsciously. It felt as though magic was suddenly possible when the thinking mind gets out of the way.


While studying this topic scientifically, I also began my own personal transformation. As a longtime sufferer of food sensitivities and chronic inflammation, my body had come to its breaking point. I had tried everything I could think of... when it occurred to me that I couldn't think my way into healing. It was then that the real transformation began.

Using a combination of meditation, embodied emotional exploration, dreamwork, and energy healing, I discovered three things: one, our system is constantly working to free us from suffering; two, it is doing this beneath our conscious awareness; and three, our only job is to get out of its way.

Since having my own transformational healing experience, I shifted my focus away from scientific research and toward helping others access their own inner healing system. I was attuned as Reiki Master in 2019, underwent training in Inner Relationship Focusing in 2020, and became a Unified Mindfulness Level 2 Coach in 2021. Through these methods and more, I have helped dozens of people break free of their patterns and heal, mind and body.


About Mindbody Coaching

What is the mindbody, and why is it important?


The mindbody (mind-body, mind/body, bodymind) refers to the connection between the thinking, planning, rational part of our consciousness (the mind) and the feeling, intuitive, creative, largely unconscious part (the body).


We spend SO MUCH time in our heads--worrying, replaying memories, talking to ourselves, and believing the stories we tell. For all the amazing things our big, beautiful conscious brains can do, we have unfortunately neglected an entire dimension of our being: the unconscious. By getting embodied, we can free ourselves from the grip our thinking mind has on us and experience the wisdom our unconscious has to offer.


Your body is always sending you messages: who to trust, where to go from here, and what to avoid. The problem is we've killed the messenger! We've disconnected from our bodies simply because we've misinterpreted those signals as "something wrong with us."


But the truth is, there's nothing wrong with you. In fact, you have at your disposal a treasure trove of inner wisdom just waiting to be tapped!

How do I know if I need mindbody coaching?

You may be missing out on the wisdom of your body if you...


👉🏻 Find yourself stuck in repetitive thought patterns and behaviors

👉🏻 Experience chronic pain and fatigue

👉🏻 Feel disconnected or like something is "wrong" or "missing"


On the other hand...

👉🏻 If you've ever followed a "gut feeling" and felt the gratitude and awe that comes with listening to your intuition

👉🏻 If you've ever had a wound and marveled at the body's ability to heal itself

👉🏻 If you've ever had a dream that felt so profound that it made you wonder whether something else is guiding you

...then you have experienced the power of your body's wisdom.

What does mindbody coaching look like?


Over several sessions, we will work to train the mind. You can think of it like strengthening the mental muscles of awareness and self-compassion. Then, we will use a method of compassionate inquiry that allows us to access deeply encoded beliefs and patterns in the body. 


There is no ripping off the bandaid or "tough love" confrontation, as those can actually strengthen the underlying belief system and result in retraumatization.

Instead, the result is a natural surrender into self-love, forgiveness, and emotional freedom. Letting go isn't something we do--it's actually something we stop doing. We stop holding on. We are free.


What is the outcome of mindbody coaching?


Because we are accessing a deep, vast system outside your conscious awareness, your experience will be full of unexpected, weird, wonderful, and profound moments. We are delving into how your brain creates and navigates reality itself, and challenging your deepest-held beliefs and identities to free you from the confines of your subconscious limitations.


The result is a fundamental change in how you relate to yourself. You will learn a completely new way of being: one so rooted in truth and compassion that you can handle anything life dishes out.


Welcome home... to yourself.

How do I get started?

You can get started by reaching out to me. I have packages and one-off sessions to fit any budget, and I'm happy to work with you to develop a plan that is right for you. 

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